I was ablaze. I met Zazie at the park on the first sun-baked day of spring. I had an idea for a story and needed to share it with someone who could really take the heat. Zazie is wild, her own person, a free-thinker. Trees Talk to Me. I spilled the title first but before I could say another word, she snorted and retorted with scientific precision, trees don’t talk, B. I was taken aback, but countered intelligently: yes, they do. She shook her head and smiled exactly like my husband when I first told him. Heat stung my cheeks, I argued, you’re six years old, how do you know? Zazie shook her head and repeated, trees… don’t… talk. She caught my fluster and stared me down. Her eyes rolled. Her tongue stuck out of her mouth.

Tree Talk, Eye Roll


I felt my feet sink into the earth and knew then that it was time to expand the universe and blow her educated mind. I suggested she listen for herself, and pointed a few feet away. A towering 150 year-old Maple had been following our conversation with interest. It smiled, but only I could see. Zazie slipped her tongue back in her mouth and sauntered over. Imagine how many kids have told this tree their most secret secrets, I provoked. The Maple grunted his approval. Zazie gulped and looked back at me. Closer, I said. Nervously, she touched the tree and inched her way in, fingers whispering over its ancient bark. The Maple sighed. Birds twittered in the sky. Closer. Zazie leaned in. I could swear I saw her lips move.

Talking to Trees

Without warning, her arms burst open and wrapped around the Maple’s trunk and she hugged him tightly to her pounding chest. Her eyes squeezed shut and I could feel the power of her wish. Talk to me. I knew then that her resolve was broken, that Zazie’s heart and mind had opened wide. The birds tweeted her name through the branches. The sun winked down at her from the sky. Only now could she hear what she needed to know.



GOOD NEWS FLASH: I’m not scared of clowns anymore as I have met Le Clown in the flesh; the glorious, notorious web wiz who loves us all as he kicks our asses and reminds us to stay connected…to  each other. Blush, flog, he mentioned me in a post about our online personas and deconstructing fear. Yow!


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