Last night, my husband and I went out for Chinese with my parents. Old-school, they’re off to Miami for the winter, so before they go we’re trying to squeeze in as many good meals as we can. The place was packed (with Jews, natch), and as we salivated in line, my American Dad announced, “You know why Obama just went up in the Florida polls? (Cue: drum roll) I mailed in my ballot.”


To avoid the catastrophic turn-of-the century shaft of Al Gore in Florida, political strategist and esteemed social activist Sarah Silverman has hatched a winning plan with her cronies Mik Moore and Ari Wallach, at ‘The Great Schlep’ invites Jewish Gen Xers to visit their Bubbies and Zaidyes in the sun-baked swing state, feed their hope with Barak Obama, and keep the pivotal Florida vote in favor of the Democrats. Hey, non-Jews can be schleppers, too- it’s all inclusive and non-denominational. All you have to do is ‘talk to your relatives!’ What are you waiting for??!

Catch The Great Schlep right here, spread the word, and pretty please with sugar on top: vote for change.

CANADIANS: NO MORE HARPER! There is a very good website to help you vote strategically in your riding. You just need to throw partisanship to the side and go with the candidate most likely to win. The site lets you know which candidate has the best shot. CLICK HERE.

GOOD NEWS FLASH: My American cuzzin and sassy soul brother Josh Keesan and his sparkling thespian girlfriend Teresa Reilly (get thee to her blog pronto) made the great schlep to the City of Lost Angels in one piece. Mazel tov! It’s good to be alive.

Schlep: A tedious or difficult journey.



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