What big eyes you have.

When I was young, people used to squawk and stare.

The better to see you with!

I’d spit, as they loomed over my stroller and drooled.

I’m a writer!  I wail. So lost, so lonely, so helpless without words.


I CAN SEE YOU was drawn in a coffeeshop, on the mean streets of Toronto while my ailing, non-backed-up computer, my sick, write-hand babe was in hospital. I didn’t type for 3 clammy days and only survived because I discovered that drawing is another way to write.


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GOOD NEWS FLASH: Our shiny, new prime minister Justin Trudeau announced that artists are at the core of Canada’s national identity, so let’s see him repair the damage done to our culture by his unconscionable predecessor and put our money where his mouth is!

Hats off to the government of Estonia who are supporting the arts by offering state salaries to a select number of writers and artists. Go, Estonia!

It’s a start.

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