Writer, filmmaker and multi-platform storyteller Brenda Keesal would love to be of service to the world.

In the face of planetary crisis, she was struck by an idea that fuses all of her talents, experience and drive: The Village; a global gathering space that weaves the people of the world together through their stories.

In 2015, Brenda founded a creative lab for oral storytelling group called Storytime. As a creator of transformative gatherings, she leads groups into the deep drama of live storytelling, as they cultivate community and build bridges to each other.

In the past, Brenda’s emotionally charged, character-driven film work lit up every screen. Her award-winning fiction WANKER garnered cult status and rave reviews and was voted one of the best movies of the year. The critically acclaimed, interracial feature JACK & ELLA played in festivals all over the globe. 

Online, she learned to tell stories in short bites and interact with a global audience on her popular blog BURNS THE FIRE. The site has been showcased by WordPress as one of its best, five times (Discover, Freshly Pressed, Editors’ Pick). She is working on a multi-platform book called SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE OLD MEN, based on one of its beloved series.

Fascinated by new technologies and story innovation, Brenda is developing affiliated projects with computer scientist/engineer Dr. Darine Ameyed, that fall under the banner of The Village. The sky is the limit.

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Contact: team@burnsthefire.com


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