American Idol

Last night I watched American Idol. This corn-porn celebration of mediocrity fascinates me. I’m not entirely sure why, nor do I really want to deconstruct the experience and ditch the fun. That being said; the eight copycat contestants left largely bore me (O Chikezie, Amanda, where art thou?) and my fave- Josiah Leming– was booted out during Hollywood week- he never got to bring his writhing heart and scorching singer-songwriting to mainstream America (so afraid of the fire). So, why are my eyes still glued to the screen (when I sometimes mute the sound)? Am I waiting for someone to stop pretending they are someone else, and bust it out with their own original voice?!! Liberation for all, or at least for a moment in time. Dare I dream?

Still, I can’t shake the knowledge that I’m wasting a window of opportunity, a.k.a.- precious hours on this earth. As the Idol theme blares in the background, I tell my annoyed husband that in a world so full of crap, a little shmoutz (read: dirt) is good for you. Helps us to adapt.


BK 2007



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