Dulcinea Langfelder. If her name doesn’t get your blood rushing, her latest show surely will.

Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, Dulcinea Langfelder is part Slovak Jew, and part Sicilian Catholic (which, she believes, might contain Muslim roots). She is a woman of the world for whom the party is on stage.

Langfelder’s last show was the outrageously great Victoria; a hilarious and uplifting ode to life, death and a woman popping wheelies in a chair. I fell hard for Victoria, and saw it half a dozen times without blinking. Dulcinea and her crack team of creative and technical collaborators have toured the world with it, much to the delight of throbbing hearts everywhere.

Langfelder’s latest is called Dulcinea’s Lament, and it’s about to have its North American premiere in Montreal, in both official languages. She’s got a lot to tell us and she wants our bums in her warm seats. Mashing theatre, dance, music, video and puppetry, she re-imagines Dulcinea del Toboso, Don Quixote’s made-up muse whose utter fabulousness she uses to comically explore the history of religion and her very own sex. Admittedly, I have only been tantalized by clips of it, but I have faith we are in for a sumptuous feast.

I’ll be there on Saturday, Nov. 15, if you’d like to join our party. Check here for time and place, spread good the word (!!), and let me know how it makes you feel.

Another Montreal artist who gets my vote: Theatre director (and luminous actor) Alison Darcy and her company Scapegoat Carnivale are receiving raves for the gorgeously titled ‘Life is a Dream’. I’ll be there with bells on this Thursday, October 30. Only five nights left, get your tickets fast!

Life is a Dream, by Pedro Calderon de la Barca, translated by Edwin Honig, presented by Scapegoat Carnivale at Centaur Theatre, 453 St. François Xavier St. in Old Montreal, at 7:30 p.m., Wed. to Sat., 1:30 p.m. Sunday, through Nov. 1. Tickets $10 (reduced) or $15. Call 514-288-3161 or visit http://www.scapegoatcarnivaletheatre.com.



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