I needed a makeover. I could hear my mother’s jubilation across town, but I didn’t mean me, Mom, I meant my blog. When I first ventured online, I needed to bust out of the indie film world and boil it all down, so I chose the simplest WordPress template I could find and started scratching words on the screen. The white background and red pen said it all.

Burns the Fire Hot

When my brain blew on the acid-trip of technology and attention-deficit disorder of the virtual world, it became clear that words alone were not enough to fan the flames; I needed images, too. And I couldn’t do it alone. We met on the internet. My bloggy friend Kat steered me. I loved his nom de guerre and byline: because every day is fucking magic. He introduced me to his ass-whupping wife, and a non-unionized, unpaid, arty-farty team was born.

Le Clown and Sara Draws

Le Clown helped me get my shit together and Sara Draws lit my pix on fire. They are bloggin’ crackerjacks and the stylin’ godparents of this blog. I thank them with all my blazing heart.

Creative types clean up real good.

Creative types clean up real good.

Huge, honking love to my husband, in-house music composer and biggest fan.

Ned Bouhalassa

Buying me a new Mac was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. Fixing it when it gets sick is second, and finding the perfect knapsack for me to carry it in- is third. Every artist needs a patron she can sleep with and he is mine.

Last but not least, high-five way in-the-sky to you, my dear readers. Your interest and feedback is fuel for my fire. What do you think of the new look?? Tell your friends, and do come back for more. We are all in this together.

Burns the Fire Global Village

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GOOD NEWS FLASH: Egypt. People are rising up. It’s messy, but it’s no status quo.

In case you haven’t read it, have a look at my very first guest-post on none other than my favorite Clown’s blog, right here.



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