Sunshine Award

I’m out of the closet. Thanks to interweb fairy Jennie Saia at Tip of My Tongue for nominating Burns the Fire for a sunshiney award, advising me to nominate ten blogs I like and write ten, gulp, facts about me.


1)  I make stuff up. I write fiction and scripts and make movies, bringing people to life who are not me. Every blog post I write in my own voice is a struggle and this one takes the cake.

2)  Real people are my inspiration. I adore the actors who play them.

3)  Originally, I wanted to call this blog Piss & Vinegar because my mother says I’m full of it. Burns the Fire is what my Russian grandmother called me in shtetl-speak and I thought it was my name.

4)  My father told me our love would live on when he died. He was right.

5)  Love is my religion and I call myself a Jew.

6) I listen to my dreams.

7)  I dance without reason.

8)  I love arugula, that it grows like a weed.

9)  I am fearless and full of fear.

10)  On a windy day, with an umbrella, I can fly.


Now, to nominate ten bloggers that turn up my heat. There are too many I enjoy to list them all, but over time, I will. Readers: have a look and let them know how you feel. Bloggers: thank and link back to your nominator. Write 10 facts about yourself, then pass the award to 10 others.

1)  Amanda Fucking Palmer tames the human heart as she rides the internet like a horse.

2)  Hannah B‘s Hannah Brencher knows all we need is love and she tells every one of us in a letter.

3)  Karen McRae’s Draw and Shoot is the natural world through the eyes of a poet.

4)  Follow Your Nose as Kat explores a dream of a life with all her senses.

5)  Bring me the head of David Dixon is his wry and tender art on a platter.

6)  Jen Groeber’s Mama Art invites us into her beautiful life.

7)  Wakinyan Winyan’s Blood and Thunder shouts out for justice and love.

8)  Muriel Jacques’s unapologetic voice drives A French Yummy Mummy in London.

9) is a creative and community blast. Thanks to Elan Morgan for the Canadian Weblog awards.

10)  Anne Fonté’s Girl in the Hat has it all for the reader who wants to dive into the deep-end of a writer’s pool.

Now, after clicking on some of my favorite blogs, dearest readers, what are some of yours??  Spread the wealth and don’t forget to attach the links!


Philip Seymour Hoffman Magnolia

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. You repaired my heart as the nurse in PT Anderson’s Magnolia, let alone every film you gave your soul to.


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