As shit storms the bad news, fear breaks the internet and the media feeds the beast, I sit, reeling at my little table, in my melting-pot café, and worry about climate change, corporatism, human violence and what-the-freak is the antidote to all this trauma.

My underage pal Abby, a coffeeshop regular, shows up growling for breakfast, with zero appetite for corruption or taste for self-harm.

I turn to this newborn, my eyes beseeching, heart bleeding: how do we keep our focus on peace? I cry, how do we keep our focus on love?

Chewing on a fresh-baked croissant, Abby burps and spits up in my face. We share a giggle. Then, settling down, I swear on my life, she looks into my soul with her glistening eyes, and though she can’t yet speak, get out there and grow it,  she says.


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Big ups to Abby’s beautiful Mom for letting me share her joy. 


Thank you for stoking.

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