It’s a glorious day full of possibility. The sun is blasting the earth, soaked from this weekend’s seasonal cry-fest. The smell of damp dirt should be bottled for fertility.

Dreams do come true. My friends Marlo and Andrew just birthed their second baby: the fabulous, flying Frida. As the story goes- she jettisoned out of the womb. Don’t know if her loving parents know, but her name is derived from the words ‘joy’ and ‘happiness’ in Yiddish. Frida’s Mom and Dad work in film and TV, so maybe she will, too. After reading in the NY Times about the lack of strong women in Hollywood films, we need all the female superheroes we can get. In front of and behind the cameras. Go, Frida!

Strolling to the P.O. with Cee-Lo this fine morn, feeling a little Superwoman myself, I wantonly express-mail my latest screenplay, my new dream, to Hollywood on the Avenue of Stars. I have faith because I’m alive. And, I can smell the sweet earth, too.

Welcome, Frida Mary Kaufman!


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