Saturday night, the Montreal-Canadians were annihilated by the Philadelphia Flyers in the pride-shattering Eastern Conference semi-finals. No shiny Stanley Cup for rabid Habs fans this year. Unshaven alpha males smashed into each other on the ice; bone-crushing, rage roaring he (haw) men in a bloodthirsty fight to the death. Now, here’s the rub: they do it on purpose, and call it a game! This is no battle for human survival, or is it?

Sunday night, I watched Tamara Jenkin’s beautiful, uplifting film ‘The Savages’, and saw a family (two siblings and their faraway dad) go at each other with a similar brutality; battering hearts, not bones, as they struggle to survive. Try as they might, they they keep wounding themselves and each other, no matter how much it hurts.



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