Some of my best friends are Iranian (see: The Heart of a Revolution, and Life of the Party). Some of them, ex-political prisoners under a regime that tried to beat their souls into submission as they tortured their bodies and murdered their friends.

At dinner the other night, talk turned to an old activist friend who had been arrested and killed, and I replaced his name with the name of an outspoken Canadian friend. She is very much alive and has never been jailed and tortured, but she could be if she was struggling for human rights and freedom in Iran, and that’s the point. Insert the name of a dear friend or family member of yours:

“When she turned 20, (Name) was arrested for attending a human rights demonstration. (Name) was beaten, raped, and put in front of a firing squad.”

As I write, there is, dare I say, another revolution going on in Iran, that while terrifying, signals hope for this country where over 70% of the population is under 30. They are peacefully demonstrating for human rights and freedom, and they need our support. Here are a few links. Please consider, help spread the word, and contact your government representatives.

Break the Blackout!

Petition: Signatures against the results of the Iranian election    Target: United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki Moon

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

From the people on the street    Select the filter: IranElection

Twitter Pics


Excellent blogs, updated often daily, with select Tweets from inside Iran, relevant articles and videos from all over the internet.

Overview Article: Iran: A Coup in Three Steps

French-language data base: Iran Resist


Human Rights and Freedom for All. Peace and Love. Yes, we can.










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