Proud of my town. Proud to see so many Montréalerais filling the streets, rising up against a government with politicians so morally bankrupt, we have to wonder: who cleans up their mess?

The students’ tuition issue is the tip of the iceberg. Bill 78 is not acceptable in a democratic society and it’s mobilizing those of us who are no longer students but want to make sure that our children and their children will never live under an authoritarian regime. It may seem outrageous to suggest, but as I type these words I’ll wager- we just got ripped off by our government. Again. Choose your poison: breach of trust, fraud, nepotism, palm-greasing, price gouging, profiteering, racketeering, and then some. Coupled with the cost of war and systematic rape of our environment, reality is a drag, and it’s easier to just stay home, bite the bullet and nurture our addictions, until one day- the alarm rings, we wake up, and resistance becomes impossible to resist. Ma belle ville, our time has come.

So, let’s (continue to) support our students, get them back in school and help them clean up our town and country. If we were all supported, encouraged and taught to make the world a better place, it would be.

*Big love to Arcade Fire on SNL and Xavier Dolan and his Laurence Anyways crew at Cannes for using their celebrity to support their hometown! xx



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