Last week, my man and live-in music composer bought me a turntable and hooked it up with two speakers and a woofer in my office, and then he dropped a brand-spanking vinyl copy of my rock-star crush Jack White’s blazing new album Blunderbuss into my hot, little hands. These acts of lovingkindness gave me no choice but to dig into my personal history and dust off what little was left of my once-legendary record collection.

God, I love music. Dancing, too, and so do my people. Back in the day, before scoring an in-house maestro, I was known in rarified circles as a go-to gal for a wicked party mix. The world was my influence and I could see it come together on my multi-culti, inter-species dance floor. My friends, some things never change.

To heat up the cold blue sway of our moody weather, I invite you to spin a soundtrack of your own in the comfort of your home, and cut the rug on a hard-assed floor. Allow me to throw a few tunes into the mix from my old-school playlist. Crank up the volume, feel the love and set yourself free.


Thank you for stoking.

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