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We get here, and Lou is singing. His caregiver Polly is waiting for the chorus when he takes a breath, so she can feed him. His pal Ethel watches him like a hawk so he doesn’t go full throttle, piss off the other diners and make trouble for them in their once grand, now fading old-age home. I think she is crazy in love with him, but that’s another story.

Lou’s song is a mash-up between a 1940’s pop tune and a keening Jewish lament. He stops singing and says, bingo, when I suggest it. Polly slips a fork of smoked turkey into his open mouth. Ethel insists, he needs to eat.

Lou is my friend Naomi’s beloved Dad. A few years prior, when her Mom, the woman he adored for 60 years, died after 7 wild years of dementia, Naomi was afraid the grief would kill him, but I’m here to tell you that this mystical, irresistible, old man is plugged into a swirling, whirling world, and he is still singing.

Tessy and Lou April 1952

Tessy and Lou in the spring of ’52

Lou chews slowly and smiles wide, a real dazzler. He has a great set of teeth, and he flashes them, a lot. Everyone at the table is entranced. This is the story of a man who has always been loved.

IMG_0012What’s the most important thing in life? I demand. Lou’s eyes shine because he knows the truth. Books. I am reminded that his room is lined, from ceiling to floor, in soft and hard covers. Ethel snorts. She’s deeply impressed by his brains, but she survived a holocaust and food is more important.

At 96, Lou can sing up to six hours a day, with breaks to chat, nap, pour over words and enjoy a tasty snack. Sometimes, Naomi wonders what it all means, but then he pats her hand, cracks a smile and she throws her head back and laughs. Lou’s darling daughter has learned a lot from his flow.

Pray, Laugh, Love. Lou at 96.

Pray, Laugh, Love. 2015.

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Photos courtesy of the man himself. I cannot thank you enough for your trust.

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