Bulldog tongueI am struggling to write in my corner at the café, when Henry walks in on all fours, panting and drooling in the dog days of summer. His body is rock-solid, his mind is in the moment and his soul gongs like a bell. Low to the ground, sweating through the soles of his feet, this canine zen master expertly steers his sniffing honker and undulating tongue, seeking crumbs, mopping the old, wooden floor.

My heart stirs in my tank top.

Henry’s father Dwayne sits down with a coffee, breakfast sandwich and the daily bad news. Henry splays his roasting hulk on the floor below him, his cork-screwed ass brushing Daddy’s tattooed leg.

My writer brain slows.

I drop to the floor on my hands and knees, until I am face-to-face with my hyperventilating bulldog crush; my itchy fingers reach out to paw the punch-drunk glory of his mashed, seen-it-all mug. A shiny string of drool hangs under his jowls, swinging from his thin, black lips, glistening in the fiery sun. I croak


Henry looks right into my big, green eyes and sees it all: fears, worries, all pounding heart and roaring fire. I look back into his and fall deep into the cool mountain lake of his soft, brown eyes. The words fall into place. I sink into the moment, and melt.

Bulldog love

POSTSCRIPT: Dwayne turned me on to the fascinating research of an American scientist who wanted to know if his dog actually loved him or just wanted to score his next meal.

Dr. Brian Hare built a mock-up of an MRI machine and trained his pooch to sit in it for twenty minutes, strapped down so he wouldn’t move. When the dog was ready for the real MRI, he was given a swab of the doctor’s (his Daddy’s) smell. What happened inside his skull is what dog lovers worldwide already know: the love and attachment area of his doggy brain, the same part of the brain in humans – lit up – proving for once and for all the interconnectivity between people and dogs. Now, I know for sure that when Henry looks into my eyes and I look into his, we both feel the hug.

How could you ever doubt me?


In tribute to the joy that Henry and his step-sister Victoria bring everyone they meet, I shot HOT DOGS, my first video for the internet, in one overheated take, with the help of the sibs and my in-house music composer. Please put on your headphones or speakers to get the full effect of their panting, drooling glory. Support BTF, spread the love and share, share, share!

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Nicola burns the fire.

Nicola burns the fire.

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Radical Brownies Rule