Oh, my people,

I just spent a sweaty 2.5 days overcooking a blog post about the fine art of GIVING = RECEIVING and finally realized that I should just cool the freak down and get to the point:

I need to make a living from this blog, and I am asking for your support.

My original plan included offering premium content for a fee and opening an online boutique; but at the moment, I can’t imagine not sharing everything with everyone, nor deal with a bizzy store. When a warmer, fuzzier exchange was suggested, like a bell, it rang my heart:

If you give me a donation, I will gift you a print of my art.


To kick things off, the first piece I am delighted to offer is FLARE – a drawing I made a couple of months ago that feels a little like I do. At 8.5 x 11.5 inches, on quality bond paper.

‘FLARE’ by Brenda Keesal / © 2015

This is a limited and signed edition of 100 prints (sans BTF watermark), so if you want to have it in your beautiful life or generously gift it to someone else, please give now!

DONATION: $30.00, postage included.

Please CLICK the gold button below and DONATE and we will email you for your mailing address.

Donate Button

Allow 2 weeks to receive your print and a rush of burning love.

Now, thrill me and visit our spanking-new GIFTS PAGE: the home of all the art and merchandise we have to offer in exchange for your heart-growing donations. One click right here.

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If you prefer to send a cheque or money order or have any questions, please contact us at: team@burnsthefire.com


Thank you, my very dear people, for being here and helping me grow this blog. Your presence incites and inspires me, and I love you all.


A special shout-out to superstar Amanda Fucking Palmer for her trailblazing Art of Asking: the Ted Talk, the book and her ass-kicking inspiration; and to the good peeps at the Cardboard Box Project (Montreal’s merchandising dream-house for ace musicians) for their excellent advice, and with whom we aim to work if and when we get into merch.


GOOD NEWS FLASH: Alan Watts rocks it. Thanks to the crack curator at Scrapbook, I discovered this gem. Dream a little dream with me.


I love to hear from you.

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