As you may already know from reading this blog, over the past few years, I’ve fallen hard for three guys, actually, four, if you count U.S. Senator and presidential dream Bernie Sanders, and five, if you count my father who kicked it off by getting sick and dying.

‘Average Joe’ (won’t show his face)

I am lucky. My Dad was rock-solid, my first, good guy. I loved him. He was stable, he was calm. He didn’t always understand me, but to my great good fortune, he accepted me exactly as I was. For years, I worried about his inevitable death, until he finally died, and then much to my surprise- my heart grew! I did better than survive. Then, slowly, before I knew it, a motley crew of wise, old men shuffled into my life, rocked my soul and blew my mind.


Poetry is everywhere.

Two of the old guys have since died.

Two out of five guys are radically alive.

I experience the presence of these men in my life as a miracle, a gift that just keeps on giving, and that’s why I have to pay it forward: to weave their humanity, their stories together with mine, and create my version of a 21st century book.

It will be a cross-pollinating story of life, death, the infinity of love and a coven of good men, in which my tenderest of hearts plays a significant role, no less.

That, of course, is the scariest part.

Here I am, trying to get out

From time-to-time, I will post a little behind-the-scenes of this big story. I’d like to invite you along for the ride, with the not-so-secret hope you will want to consume it when it’s done. I’ve got a year. You heard it first.

As always, your feedback and encouragement uplifts and inspires.


Drawing of Joe by the one-and-only David Dixon.

Photo of Bernie Sanders: Win McNamee/Getty Images


I like to post on this blog twice a month, but for the next while, it will be more likely, once.


GOOD NEWS FLASH: We are alive.


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