Everyone and her dog asks. It is a burning question for most artists, because so many of us struggle with our worth and so few of us are paid for it. If we believe in the impact of art on our soul, this has to change.

What am I worth?

My response has always been a twitchy, not yet. Not until I spent serious time inhaling the internet, learned how to tell its stories, and saw if anyone would read them, respond well and be sure to come back. When I started blogging, reaching 10K subscribers was a psychedelic dream.

After years of writing and making feature-length, emo-action, indie films that depended on gobs of money, a small army of people and took forever to produce, I am now blissfully hooked on the virtual world. With a growing audience from every corner of the globe, and technology at my fingertips, I feel re-born, telling my stories in short, ecstatic bursts. I adore my international community of blogger pals who are always there to inspire and promote; the glorious artists with whom I get to collaborate; and YOU, my darling readers, who urge me on with every letter I type. We are in this together. The stars align when we open our hearts.

At age 22, this quote changed my life.*

It is time to be paid for my creative work, to pay others and to pay for materials and services to help me grow this blog, in other words – to explore and offer ever more. Burns the Fire is ready to monetize and I am asking for your support.

Here’s the plan:

While this site will remain free for all, the option of Exclusive Content for a subscription fee will be offered in the fall. This content will include: podcasts of yours truly reading blog posts – accompanied by the sonic stylings of my in-house music man; interviews with the irrepressible subjects of my posts, and me; videos and other surprises.

A Burns the Fire On-line Store will be opened to sell some of my artwork and related treats. I’m excited about this.

Starting NOW, on the right-hand sidebar of every post and just below, you will see a Paypal DONATE button. To help bring these plans to life, I’d be extremely grateful if you would click on it and throw some fuel on the fire by contributing anything you can (paypal and major credit cards accepted). Or, maybe you have some ideas of how to share and grow this blog? I’m all ears.

Moral, creative or monetary, I am very thankful and cherish your support. In this amazing global village, I have found a home.

Brenda Keesal

Thank you.

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UPDATE: Have a look right here to see my very first ART GIFT for a donation!

Now, thrill me and visit our spanking-new GIFTS PAGE: the home of all the art and merchandise we have to offer in exchange for your heart-growing donations. One click right here.

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* From the book ‘Depression and the Body by Alexander Lowen‘ by Alexander Lowen MD.

‘What am I worth?’ Collage by Brenda Keesal.

Read about the ‘new busker economy’ right here.


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