I was grateful, feasting on spiced turkey and cranberry-stuffed squash, when a mild-mannered business dude and his fuzzy-haired professor wife dropped a story on the table that rocked my world and made me question my relationship to all living things. I wonder what you think.


It struck this busy, urban couple that they had too much work, anxiety, angry teens and not enough happiness and sleep, so they stocked up on comfort food and bust out of the city to a ginger-bread rental in the woods.

On the freeway to inner-peace, their hopes and dreams for the weekend were struck dumb by shrieking tires and a loud THUD. Fred yelled, STOP THE CAR. Sonya floored the brakes. A massive beast fell to the asphalt in slow motion. The car in front of them smashed into a deer. The car that hit her did not stop. Dark clouds formed in the night sky.

Was it a dream? Sonya couldn’t believe her eyes. Fred got out of the car and un-noosed his tie. His ears, nose and throat twitched when he saw the deer up close.


Fred’s back arched. Dormant muscles and curling chest hair bust out of his straining shirt, his mind, a flood.

My childhoodmy childrenmy beautiful wife.

He gnashed his implants into his suddenly square jaw, and his orderly brain turned to… steak. He he-manned the carcass over his shoulders exactly like his late father would, ambled back to the car and hoisted the dead meat into the trunk. Sonya stared up at the sky. Thunder rumbled. Lightening cried.

In the shadows of the gingerbread-house in the woods, Fred heaved the hairy remains of the deer out of the car, draped the hulking beef across his abruptly ripped shoulders and pleaded with his wife to get the camera. Sonya shook her head, unable to form words. It started to rain. She grabbed an umbrella from the back seat.

The rain poured down. Fred tied the deer’s hind legs and hung her upside-down from a tree. He skinned her body, slashed her throat and bled her dry. Sonya held the umbrella to protect her man, her children’s father from the rain. He chopped off the deer’s head and proceeded to saw her body into steaks. Blood spurted and sprayed everywhere. They were soaked in it. Fred was happy as he worked. Onions, mushrooms and garlic fried in his head.

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